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Your Trusted Plastic Molds, Injection mold, Die Parts, Die Casting mold Partner in China. We are not only make molds and parts for you, but also your technical supporting team.


Our molds are used:


Meredes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Nissan, Mazda,etc.



Processing capacity


25 – 30 Molds/per month


Unigraphics NX10.0 & AutoCAD-2010

Quality Lab:

With full measurement equipment


CNC machining centers ( MAZAK, 12 sets )
Wire EDM machine ( SODICK, 4 sets )
EDM machines ( SODICK, 9 sets )
Lathe-mill cutting center ( MAZAK )
Milling Machine ( 7 sets )
Grinding Machine ( 11 sets )

Finished Product

Center stack-Cars mold
center stack-Auto molds
center stack-Automotive part mold
Automotive mold-integrated center stack
Door side panel-Auto Part mould
Plastic part-Plastic Injection Mold
Injection part-Injection Mold
Plastic parts-Plastic Injection Mold